OneZoom Software Links and Downloads

If you've done something special with OneZoom please do let us know. Perhaps you've used it for teaching, visualising your own data or in a public display? We have a whole range of tools available here free under an open source MIT license. We're always working on the next developments and have more software that is not open so please don't stuggle on if our open source tools don't work for you, instead contact us so we can work together on solving your problem.

View your own data online

Note that your data is only stored on your personal computer for this visualisation and is not transmitted over the internet so it is safe to visualise unpublished data in this way. If you prefer, you can still download OneZoom below and do everyting locally and offline.

  1. First, load the original single stand alone file version of OneZoom in a new window. This code is a slightly updated version of the supplementary material to the article in PLoS Biology. The code is also available for download as a zip in the downloads section of this page.
  2. The mammal data will load by default. On the top of the page there is a row of buttons: Search, Grow, Options, Data, Reset, ... You need to press the "Data" button.
  3. A text box will appear at the bottom of the page, next to this is a button titled "Load data".
  4. Your data should be in Newick format with no polytomies (polytomies should be expessed with a number of nodes connected with branch lengths of 0). Branch lengths, if present, should be ultrametric and calibrated with units of millions of years.
  5. Only load one tree at a time and make sure there is no other text either side of the Newick code for that tree. Copy and paste the Newick format data for your tree into the text field at the bottom of the page and press the "Load data" button. Don't worry if your computer doesn't seem to have put all the data into the text box. Not all browsers are used to having very long strings of data in the text box, but the data is normally still there and loading will still work.
  6. Be patient, if your tree has 50,000 nodes or more it can take a minute or so to load and may use a noticeable chunk of ram on your computer. Most computers should be able to handle tress with 1 million nodes or more if you are willing to wait for it to load.

Downloads and source code

All software downloads are released under an MIT license which is OSI approved. Please note however that the zip files also contain Boot Strap and jQuery which are built by third parties and licensed for further use under those third party license rules (please open the source files for information). The zip files may also include icons for e.g. facebook and twitter which are should be used under the terms of those organisations but are provided here for convenience. We have four main downloads available:

Embedding in your website.

Use our embed and link tool if you want to embed custom versions of a tree that's already on OneZoom. If you want to use your own tree data, follow the instuctions below. If you've got a big and impressive tree and are interested in having it appear on OneZoom we can work with you on this, and we can time the date your page goes live with the embargo period of your associated journal publication.

Making supplementary material for your papers.

  1. Download and uncompress the cut down version of the 2015 website.
  2. You should only need to edit the files in the user directory - there are two examples here, one for tetrapods and the other for plants.
  3. Each example data set contains a Newick tree file (no polytomies) and a metadata file which is indexed by numbers that must correspond to the leaves of the tree file
  4. Finally, there is a Javascript file in which you can edit much of the tree drawing without having to worry about the core tree drawing parts of the code

Web browser compatibility

  • Safari, Chrome: full compatibility for updated versions of these browsers
  • Firefox: full compatibility but not as responsive as Safari and Chrome
  • Mobile devices: full compatibility but not as responsive as we would like, improvements are underway
  • Opera: near full compatibility occasionally minor features don't work
  • EDGE: near full compatibility occasionally minor features don't work because they require HTML5
  • Internet Explorer 9: near full compatibility occasionally minor features don't work
  • 32 bit Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows: please use updated versions of Firefox or Chrome rather than Internet Explorer
  • General: make sure Javascript is enabled and make sure your browser supports html5 and the canvas element