Meet the OneZoom Team

Dr. James Rosindell

Chief Executive Officer, Trustee

James Rosindell is a research fellow at Imperial College London where he holds a Natural Environment Research Council independent research fellowship. His area of research interest, biodiversity theory, is focused on the area of intersection between maths, biology and computing. He has published research around models of ecology, evolution, conservation and data-visualisation. James is the original inventor of OneZoom and wrote the early versions of the software. He co-wrote versions 2 and 3 of OneZoom and is especially responsible for client side JavaScript code as well as day to day running of the charity.

Dr. Hélène Morlon

Chief International Partnerships Officer

Hélène Morlon is a researcher at the French national center for scientific researcher (CNRS). After training in mathematics, she obtained a master in ecology and a PhD in environmental sciences. During five years as a postdoc in the US, she developed a deep interest in biodiversity research. She currently leads an interdisciplinary team of young researchers at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris focused on understanding how the deep-time evolution of biodiversity led to life around us as we see it today. Hélène is a 2016 TED Fellow. Since joing the OneZoom team as an ambassador, Hélène has been working to raise awareness around OneZoom and help us form links.

Dr. Yan Wong

Chief Technology Officer, Trustee

Yan Wong is an evolutionary biologist with wide-ranging expertise including maths, genetics and computing. He worked as a lecturer in evolutionary biology and ecology at the University of Leeds before moving into professional science outreach. As an author, Yan co-authored the Ancestor's Tale (2016) with Richard Dawkins. His work has included presenting on numerous television and radio science shows including the BBC1 prime-time series "Bang goes the theory", BBC learning zome films and Radio 4's' 'More or less'. Yan co-wrote the OneZoom version 2 and 3 codebase and was especially responsible for server-side and data scraping software.

Kai Zhong

Software Developer

Kai Zhong is a freelance software developer. He graduated from Imperial College London in 2013 with a distinction in computer science at masters level. His main project was an Android app for OneZoom which was supervised by James Rosindell and Duncan Gillies. He went on to work with James Rosindell to produce ZoomPast a human family tree (Genealogy) website based on the OneZoom concept. Kai has primarily been working on upgrading the OneZoom engine to enable it to handle visualisation of the complete tree of life.

Dr. Luke Harmon


Luke Harmon is an Associate Professor and the University of Idaho, USA. His research focuses on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and particularly in reptiles and amphibians. Luke has published over 100 scientific articles with particular focus on analytical techniques for understanding the speed of evolution and the relationships between the physical traits of species and their evolutionary history. Luke co-authored with James the original publication of the OneZoom article in PLoS Biology and provided advice from the start of the project.

Jonathan Sutton

Software Developer Intern

Jonathan Sutton is an undergraduate in maths and computer science at Imperial College with a passion for science communication and education. He discovered OneZoom by accident, after attending a lecture given by James on 'mathematical approaches to evolutionary trees'. Since then, he has worked with James' research group on writing code for ecological neutral models. He won a bursary from the Imperial College 'Charity Insights' scheme to work with OneZoom, and is focussing on improving the website's efficiency on mobile devices. Jonathan made contributions to the OneZoom version 3 codebase.