OneZoom Endorsements

The best interactive tree of life ever!
Magnificent piece of software, brilliantly intuitive visualisation of the tree of life
This project has enormous potential both as a tool for increasing public knowledge and engagement but also as an aid to research in Conservation and Biodiversity.
OneZoom is a brilliant, interactive tool for understanding the scope and scale of the tree of life, including highlights for conservation priorities.
This will revolutionize how we teach and understand the Tree of Life. It is an invaluable tool for communicating the grand scope of life's history.
It’s hard to overstate how clever it is at solving a basic limitation in our capacity to communicate large and complicated trees.
I love the OneZoom tool - really easy to use and the visualization is great. I've just shared it with my 13 year old, who is a science geek - he loved it and is still playing with it!

Attendance at events

  1. Eco Fun Palace, London 2 October 2016 in association with the Linnean Society
  2. Science Museum Lates, London 31 August 2016
  3. The Ancestor's Trail 30-31 July 2016
  4. Cheltenham Science Festival 10-11 June 2016
  5. Oxford University Natural History Museum 28 April 2016
  6. The Ancestor's Trail 20 August 2015
  7. Cheltenham Science Festival 6 June 2015
  8. Imperial Festival 8-10 May 2015
  9. Cheltenham Science Festival 3-8 June 2014
  10. WowHow at the Oxford University Natural History Museum 15th March 2014
  11. Science Uncovered at the Nautral History Museum 27th September 2013
  12. Imperial Festival 2-4 May 2013

Known reuse of OneZoom software

  2. (updated version)
  3. human genealogy explorer
  5. forum
  6. Clickme on Github - An R interface for OneZoom
  7. Plant tree (latin only) for Professor Doug Soltis
  8. Plant tree (latin only - alternative layout)

Please also see our page about installations of OneZoom on touch screen kiosks at public venues such as museums.

Using OneZoom software in your webpage or at your exhibition? Please let us know so you can be listed here too.

Some users have said…

The fractal tree of life is one of the greatest inventions I have ever come across... If there was a single justification needed for technology, to show a competence not afforded by traditional media, here it is.
It's a mind-blowing project — I tend to see humans as one of many species of mammal, but the tree reminded me how much life there is beyond mammals, and indeed beyond vertebrates. It reignited my awe of evolution from undergraduate days 30 years ago.
I'm addicted already, and happily browsing 1.8 million species.
Your tree is the best thing to ever happen to evolutionary education. Keep up the amazing work.
I'm a biology student at LSU Baton Rouge, and OneZoom is probably my favorite website of all time
Jackson Wheat
I have been telling people about how incredible OneZoom is all week!
Jack Aylward
Just to say how very much impressed — floored, even — I am with the OneZoom tool. I'd wanted to see something as simple to use as this since at least 1998.
A Revolutionary Look at the Tree of Life… Charles Darwin would be proud.
In my opinion, it is the best visualisation of evolution that's out there for the lay person.
Michael Hanson, Vice Principal, Scotts Valley High School, California
We are just one tiny leaf on the tree of life. Watch 160 million years of mammal evolution
I teach evolution and fractals, and thanks to @OneZoomTree this just got much cooler!
OneZoom Tree of Life - be amazed and RT to every biologist you know
A beautiful organization of genetic relatedness in this new program - organized the way we think, not the way we read
This seems to me like the perfect synthesis of new media.
Phil Walder, Media Consultant
To have all this information so readily available is a wondrous achievement that one might have imagined would only ever exist in the realms of science fiction. It is such an engrossing display I consult it daily.
Jason Saber
Kudos to the @OneZoomTree team for making their cool software available as #opensource code at time of publication!
I am very impressed by the OneZoom project as a first-of-its-kind learning tool with tremendous potential … This is truly an incredible program that democratizes knowledge and makes it immediately tangible in a way that only years of study might have done in the past … I hope to see this project evolve and become as standard a tool of knowledge and education as Wikipedia is now.
Marco Valencia
I can appreciate the value of this project to scientists and students and I have spent hours exploring the tree just for curiosity.
Charles Pope
I wanted to congratulate the OneZoom team on the amazing interface and reference resource that is OneZoom. Amazing job!
Adam Bartley, Museum Exhibition Designer
Tree of Life redesign with OneZoom, a Google Maps like approach to phylogenetic trees
I LOVE your phylogenetic trees! I am an undergrad at Middlebury College, and my professor just referred us to them. Now not only am I using your tool, but I'm also writing a paper about it.
Jeannie Bartlett
I read about OneZoom in Science Magazine - TERRIFIC PROJECT!! Thank you. This is something that middle-school and high-school science classes should see and use regularly.
Frederick Lanni
…simply the most useful tool for understanding phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships.
Milana, biology undergraduate at Imperial College
OneZoom - fractal explorer for the tree of life:18,000+ views on #PLOSBiology Teaching Bio101 will never be the same
Just discovered @OneZoomTree ! Such a cool and easy way to explore the tree of life. Check it out and find your species
Genius visualisation project mapping the entire tree of life into a single explorable diagram.
one of the coolest things I've seen on the internet
This site is so awesome, I'm just gonna spend the rest of my day zoomin' and clickin' away here.
A friend of mine just sent me your paper about OneZoom, and now I'm so excited I can't concentrate on anything else … Your idea of using fractal trees to do that is so revolutionary, and at the same time so obvious!
Thomas Delattre
Gosh that's a bit beautiful
There goes the afternoon
OneZoom has been incredibly helpful throught my first year course: biology of organisms … [OneZoom] gives you a complete picture of the tree of life that imprints in your memory … I don’t know how to explain the greatness of it … thank you for such a great invention
Angelina, biology undergraduate at Imperial College
Is an educational time-waster possible? OneZoom
I really love how they embrace the idea that the web is not made of electronic paper, and stuff like this lets us explore science in ways that we never could in books.
@OneZoom this looks amazing! a fantastic resource with so much potential
The Google Maps of Evolutionary Biology: OneZoom
Oh lord…amazing evolution-geek diversion. The growth animation is particularly pleasing to watch.
@OneZoomTree has to be one of the more underrated things I've come across in a long time.
Warning to #science lovers - productivity loss ahead
The OneZoom tree is a fantastic teaching tool for high schools. Students can use it as a resource for many activities in biology classes from evolution to classification. They love the zooming capabilities of the site and really enjoyed the links to Wikipedia pages for more information. I can almost hear the gasps of amazement when images become part of the tree. Thanks for a great tool.
Lynn Wilhelm, US high school teacher
Your OneZoom website is the best visualization of data on the web, bar none… Years ago, attending a talk by Stephen Jay Gould, I asked Gould what the shape of a tree of life should be, what would it look like, and his answer wasn't satisfactory to me. I've thought about this problem for years, which is essentially a big data problem as well as one of finding the right visual concept. But you've done it. With fractals, of course! And my first thought was, why didn't I think of that?
Nancy Lowe, Outreach Coordinator for Discover Life

Impacts of OneZoom

The OneZoom software in its most basic form was released in 2012. It's already been used as a source of natural history information by over half a million unique users. In addition, this software has been used in more specific science and education settings, including as an interactive display at museums and exhibitions around the globe. OneZoom has been adapted to solve other data visualisation problems such as human genealogy. Most recently, our tree of life visualisations have been used prominently in The Ancestor's Tale (2nd edition), by Richard Dawkins & Yan Wong, 2016..

OneZoom as the cover image for PLoS Biology (2012)

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