Manage your sponsored leaves

Coming soon... share a page listing all your sponsored leaves and have one easy place to go for renewing all your sponsorships

Thank you for sponsoring a leaf on our tree of life

OneZoom is a registered non-profit in the UK, all our products are available for free and with no advertising. Your donation will help us in our aim to provide easy access to scientific knowledge about biodiversity and evolution, and raise awareness about the variety of life on earth together with the need to conserve it.

To thank you for your donation, we put your name (or the name of a nominated friend or relative) on a leaf of your choice on our tree of life explorer. Sponsorship is for four years and that after this point you would need to make another donation to renew your sponsorship if you want it to remain on the tree.

For many people it's been more than four years now, but don't worry. The COVID crisis hit just at the moment when the first renewals would have been needed. We decided that this wasn't a good time to ask our supporters for further donations and so we've delayed opening the renewals portal - everyone's sponsored leaves have been extended for free in the meantime.

We will soon be opening the renewals portal so please watch this space and check your e-mails too for instructions on how to renew if you wish. Meanwhile, we've written a bit of information in the form of questions and answers about what to expect so that you can be prepared. We do hope that you will consider renewing your sponsorships to help us continue our work.

Questions about your sponsorships